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  A new generation, for a better world.

Children of Terra



On COVID-19 and BLM

Posted on July 12, 2020 at 10:25 AM

Hello everyone!

I’d like to start this post by apologizing for our lack of activity recently. Our community is small, and our organizers have been remarkably busy as of late. Some of us have are adjusting to new additions in their families, some have been fighting for causes that have called for more immediate attention, some have had changes in their living situations, and a host of other factors have been contributing to this lag.

On COVID-19 and our mission

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has, like many other organizations, put a hamper the plans we had laid out for this year. The educational programs we were putting together would not have allowed a safe level of physical distancing. The cleanup projects we had slated for this year haven’t been viable in regard to the wellbeing of their participants. It’s unfortunate, but crazy stuff happens sometimes. All we can do is find new and innovative ways to work with what we’re given. With that being said and with the health and wellbeing of our organizers and the communities we serve in mind, we are looking at new ways to help out our planet and provide crucial education in science and how it relates to the environment. Citizen science projects, guided self-education, small cleanups, and remote support are some of the ideas we are looking at to move forward with our mission for this year, or until this pandemic has been properly managed.

On Black Lives Matter and the issues relating to the movement

Let me make one thing clear: we are not a political organization. We are dedicated to science, the natural world, and education. It is our policy that these things should be afforded to all people no matter no matter their race, color, creed, religious affiliation, sexual orientation, or political preference. We all live on this planet, and we should all be given the chance to better understand it and appreciate it.

That being said, the data supports the notion that minority communities are disproportionately affected by issues relating to systemic racism and failures in the criminal justice system. In order to better our society as a whole, and in order for us to better enact our mission of making quality education more accessible, the issues at the root of this systemic racism and injustice need to be addressed and corrected. As such, we support movements such as Black Lives Matter and their peaceful actions to enact positive social change. We in no way condone the violence that has erupted in some places, but we also recognize that these few extremist outliers are in no way representative of these movements as a whole.

On moving forward

As previously stated, we are looking at new ways to provide education and inspire a love of the natural world. In the coming weeks and months, you may notice some changes to our website that focus on a more home-based and community-based approach to education. We are looking to partner with new experts and educators, both locally and globally, to undertake new programs and to build new networks through which our youth may discover a passion for science. We may be launching pages on social media platforms we’ve not previously used and closing down pages on platforms whose reach has become too narrow to effectively work towards achieving our mission. As changes happen and updates are made, we will be sure to inform you in a timely manner.

We cannot thank you enough for the love you’ve all shown us and the support you’ve provided, even in these troubling and trying times. Together, we can build a better future for our planet and its inhabitants.

-CJ w/ Children of Terra, NEO


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