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  A new generation, for a better world.

Children of Terra

Events and programs-2019

Won't you join us?

2019 Programs and Events Calender

The following items are programs and events scheduled for this year, 2018..

CITO Meetups

Seasonal meetups to clean up geocaching hotbeds! More details to be announced. 

Build an upcycle bughouse!

Sunday, April 28th

Time to be determined

You bring a few cans, and we'll bring the rest! Learn how to build your very own bughouse by upcycling reclaimed wood and tin cans in this fun, family friendly workshop. Learn more by clicking the image on the right!

Proposed programs and initiatives:

The following items are programs and initiatives currently up for discussion by our organizers. Please check back at a later time for more information.

- AquaMunda Initiative

Goals: Public education on the importance of watersheds, organize regular volunteer waterway cleanup programs, research new methods of cleaning waterways and preventing pollution, water conservation campaign. Portion of efforts directed at areas suffering from drought or without access to clean water.

-Weather Wonders Workshop

A day of STEAM for all ages, with weather as the theme.

Kids will have fun making a Cloud in a Jar, their very own Tornado in a Jar, and create their own rain gauge.

Everyone is welcome to:

-Create your own pet cloud

-Learn how to craft a scientifically accurate rain cloud ornament

-See how to make a Rain Stick with a demonstration from one of our crafters,

All of this fun while learning about the weather and the study of it! Learn how our weather and our environment are connected, with hands on activities and free drinks and snacks.

By registration only. Space is limited. Registration details not yet available.

Proposed Date: June 25th, 2017. Event location currently unavailable. Please check back later for more updates.

-Dino Day and Fossil Frenzy Fun Dig

A day of all things dinosaurs! Learn all about dinosaurs, fossils, and the people who study them!

-Learn about herbivores, carnivores, and omnivores with a dino-sized breakfast!

-While our tummy's settle, we will be making clay leaf impressions with an actual paleontologist!

-Work off that breakfast by hunting down dinosaurs! Participants will split into teams and follow tracks of different dinosaurs, leading them to life sized replicas!

-Kids will receive a fossil hunter tool kit, and dig for real fossils in our Fossil Frenzy Fun Dig!

-Everyone will receive a "dinosaur egg" with an info card about the dinosaur inside the egg.

Ages 5-10

By registration only. Space is limited. Registration details not yet available.

Proposed Date: July 23rd, 2017. Event location, currently unavailable. Please check back later for more details.

Watershed Cleanup Project:

Join us and other volunteers as we clean up litter, debris, and pollutants from in and around important watershed sites in Northeast Ohio.

Help make a positive impact on the environment and do good for your local community!

Dates, times, and location currently under review. Please check back later for more details.